Ultimate Frisbee Club

Looking for a way to get some exercise and learn a new sport?

Come out and join us in the Ultimate Frisbee Club!

We play Monday through Friday at 12:15 pm assuming we have enough interest. Sign up today! Type your name, click the "Sign In" button and put a check on which days you want to play. Then click "Update Games" to update the list of players with your name. Then click "Change User" to log out and return to the main page. A decision will be made by 11:30 am each day whether there is or isn't a game. Normally, we need at least 6 people, but a few of us will play with less. See below for field location and directions from the Census Bureau.....

Where: Bradbury Park

How do I get there? See map.

From Gate 4: From Gate 1:
- Exit Gate 4 - Exit Gate 1
- Turn left on Suitland Road - Cross the road straight ahead (liquor store on right, car wash on left)
- Take a slight right at the (Exxon?) gas station - Veer straight/right
- Take a slight right at the next intersection - Pass apartments on left. Then on right.
- Pass appartments on left, then later on right - Field is straight ahead.
- Field is straight ahead

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